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Check out some of our recent activity below!

Student Community Initiative (June 2021 - Nov 2021)

The Student Community Initiative was a collective effort by Allen School Student Groups (SAC, ACM, ACM-W, GEN1, and MiT) to support the back-to-campus transition from remote education. Our goal was to reconnect students and facilitate the back to in person transition, especially for incoming freshmen and the rising sophomores, who had only experienced college online so far. SAC chairs coordinated this collaboration—which was the first of its kind thus far. Ultimately, we ran student-led tours, a 4-panel series, a scavenger hunt, and the first Allen School Student Group Fair.

More info in the SCI report: (coming soon)

CSE's Got Talent 2021

Back by popular demand, our second ever CSE’s Got Talent event was a success! After a whole year in quarantine, we were all excited to see what people had been up to, and boy were they up to something! This year we had a variety of events ranging from powerlifting and seattle photography to cake decorating and jazz singing! If you weren’t there to enjoy the live event, fear not, the virtual museum is publicly viewable! Here you can watch the acts of the show again (and again). Feel free to share the link with friends and family! As always, thank you all for participating and see ya next time 😉

CSE's Got Talent poster

Testing Inequities for Students with Disabilities Report

In October 2020, SAC compiled a report detailing the testing inequities experienced by students with disabilities and gave suggestions for potential solutions. View our report below or visit this link.

Ethics Survey Analysis

In November 2019, SAC conducted a survey of the undergraduate population on ethics and technology. This report details our findings and recommendations. View our Ethics Survey Analysis below or visit this link.

Failure and Vulnerability Panel

We hope to decrease the stigma our department faces regarding failure and vulnerability through a panel of highly respected people and through small group and anonymous discussions afterwards. We also hope that you will reflect on your own relationships with failure and vulnerability in this event. Open to all CSE students, staff, and faculty.

You’ve probably heard multiple times that failure is a great opportunity and it isn’t something to be afraid or ashamed of. However, CSE has developed a culture of being extremely ambitious, and handling failure among a community of such high-performing peers is particularly difficult. Our high-achieving community can lead to lots of us feeling inadequate and that we don’t belong here. Often in CSE we overhear people talking about their accomplishments, but rarely do we talk about our experiences with failure (and, shocking as it may be, every single one of us has failed at some point).

If you would like to practice being vulnerable, visit here to find the handout that we sent out to help you reflect on the event and your own failure and vulnerability experiences.