What is SAC?

The CSE Student advisery Council (SAC) is a student organization whose mission is to amplify voices across the Allen School to create long-term change. We are a passionate organization focused on improving the Allen School experience. This includes collecting student feedback, producing reports, hosting events, leading initiatives, and facilitating conversations between faculty and undergraduates. Feel free to email questions, comments, or concerns to sac-officers@cs.washington.edu!

Prior projects include:

What SAC Does

Below are a few examples of what SAC officers work on:

Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We welcome all candidates to apply. Our priority is to find people who care about improving the Allen School student experience by amplifying undergraduate voices. To amplify all voices, we must be able to hear them. Regardless of your identity, whether racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, socioeconomic background, we are interested in hearing from you.

Staff and Faculty Advisers

Picture of EJ Pinera
EJ Pinera
Staff Adviser
Picture of Justin Hsia
Justin Hsia
Faculty Adviser
Picture of Dan Grossman
Dan Grossman
Faculty Adviser

SAC Officers

Picture of Aria Tang
Aria Tang, Executive Officer

Hi I'm Aria! I'm a junior studying CS at the Allen School, and this is my third year on SAC. I've lived in the greater Seattle region my whole life, so I am well accustomed to the lack of sunshine and constant drizzle. Through SAC, I'm excited to work on community initiatives to improve mental health in the Allen school, as well as to increase accessibility to resources for undergrads. Outside of class, I enjoy watching anime, drawing, and trying new restaurants along the Ave. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Picture of Vincent Xiao
Vincent Xiao, Executive Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Vincent (he/him) and I'm a freshman studying Computer Engineering. I'm incredibly excited to be part of SAC because I think we can make a real impact on some of the issues facing the student community. I think we can improve accessibility to research and TA positions, as well as providing resources for mental health. I'm also serving as the Allen School's representative to the College of Engineering SAC, so I'm looking forward to opportunities to bring the two closer. Outside of class, I really enjoy playing music (keyboard mostly!) and also badminton (before the pandemic). I'm also still involved in competitive debate around Washington, so if you know a team who needs a coach or judge I can help. If you're interested in any of that, or just want to talk, feel free to reach out!

Picture of Afifah Kashif
Afifah Kashif, SAC Officer

Hi, I'm Afifah! I'm a second-year at the Allen School studying computer science, and am really excited to get more involved in Allen School initiatives through SAC! I'm most excited most to work on integrating computer ethics into the Allen School's curriculum, and of course, to plan lots of cool events like CSE Close-Up. Outside of class, I enjoy spending time with friends, exploring rocketry and going hiking.

Picture of Andrew Nakamoto
Andrew Nakamoto, SAC Officer

Hey! I'm Andrew and I'm a second-year at the Allen School majoring in Computer Science. I like to play frisbee, go camping, play guitar, and eat with my friends. I look forward to building faculty-student connections with SAC.

Picture of Ethan Shen
Ethan Shen, SAC Officer

Hi, I'm Ethan and I'm a second-year in the Allen School. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, spending time with friends, and working on projects. At SAC, I'm excited to work towards creating a diverse, collaborative community of culture and backgrounds in the Allen School.

Picture of Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang, SAC Officer

Hey There! My name is Kevin Wang, I am a sophomore studying Computer Science, from Kirkland, WA. I am a excited about progressing student voices inside the Allen School and impacting our community through data and transparency. I hope to create a SAC that is more accessible to all Allen School students and am looking forward to the change we can make together.

Picture of Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu, SAC Officer

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm a second-year student majoring in Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, watching football, and spending time with friends and family. Through SAC, I look forward to working on community initiatives to establish a welcoming environment and improve the Allen School student experience.

Picture of Naisha Sinha
Naisha Sinha, SAC Officer

Hi, I’m Naisha! I’m a second-year student studying Computer Science at the Allen School. Outside of school, I enjoy watching sports and hanging out with friends. Something I’m looking forward to as an SAC Officer is to increase information access for new Allen School students (i.e. freshmen and transfer students). Feel free to reach out about absolutely anything!

Picture of Renee Ruan
Renee Ruan, SAC Officer

Hello, I'm Renee! I'm a third-year student studying Computer Science! I enjoy spending time with friends and family and pursuing hobbies such as hiking or learning the guitar. I look forward to helping make the Allen School an inclusive and welcoming place as an SAC officer :-)

Picture of Anas Slassi
Anas Slassi, SAC Officer

Hi, I'm Anas Slassi one of your SAC officers! I'm currently a sophomore at the Allen School and look forward to the upcoming year! I'm looking forward to being more involved with the Allen School and all communities related to it.