The CSE Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a student organization whose mission is to amplify undergraduate voices across the Allen School to create long-term change. We are a passionate organization focused on improving the undergraduate experience. This includes hosting events, leading initiatives, and facilitating conversations between faculty and undergraduates. Something on your mind? Feel free to email questions, comments, and/or concerns to sac-officers@cs.washington.edu!


Picture of EJ Pinera
EJ Pinera
Staff advisor
Picture of Justin Hsia
Justin Hsia
Faculty advisor
Picture of Dan Grossman
Dan Grossman
Faculty advisor


Picture of Kenneth Ma
Kenneth Ma, Co-Chair

Hey, I'm Kenny, a junior studying CS and serving as one of SAC's Co-Chairs this year. My goals for SAC are to 1) create a structure that supports rising SAC leaders, 2) increase our community outreach, and 3) collaborate with Allen school student groups and administration to open up new avenues for impact. Outside of SAC, I enjoy playing basketball, producing music, and just hanging out with friends. Always down to talk about life with anyone--hmu!

Picture of Eric Fan
Eric Fan, Co-Chair

Hey there, I’m Eric! I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from UW and am currently working towards a master's degree in Computer Science in the Allen School. Outside of school and teaching, I enjoy spending time playing badminton, learning a new instrument, or grabbing coffee with a friend. I also love to travel and explore the beautiful diversity of nature and animals worldwide! Don't hesitate to reach out about a book I'm publishing, my journey as an Allen School student, other activities I'm involved in, or anything else you might want to chat about!

Picture of Michelle Lin
Michelle Lin, SAC Member Advisor

Hi I’m Michelle! I am a senior studying Computer Science and am honored to serve as a Co-Chair of SAC this year. I’ve lived in the Seattle area my whole life (mostly on the east side) but have also done some traveling here and there. After getting accepted to UW, I made it my goal to take at least one class in every major (definitely discovered there were too many different majors to achieve that) so I’ve explored some different classes. Coming from a smaller high school, I was worried about being lost in the crowd here but the Allen School community has always made me feel welcome so I want to continue to pay that forward. My goal in SAC this year is to help cultivate relationships between the different groups within CS and make sure everyone’s concerns are heard. Outside of SAC, I enjoy playing music, graphic design, fabrication, exercising (haven’t done this in awhile...), cooking, volunteering, teaching, surfing Youtube/Facebook, and trying new things (I’ll try almost anything once). Always happy to chat about anything at all and meet new people so would love to hear from you!

Picture of Annie Denton
Annie Denton, Recruiting Director

Hello everyone! I'm Annie (she/her), and I'm a freshman studying computer science. I'm super excited to serve as an at-large representative! I'm interested in improving equity and mental health at the Allen School. Outside of class, I write and edit for The Daily, and I’m involved with Q++. I also enjoy reading, swimming and knitting. If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out!

Picture of James Hu
James Hu, Director of Community Engagement

Hey, I’m James (he/him) and I am a junior studying Computer Science and Communication. This year I am one of the directors of community engagement and I am thrilled to be a part of SAC again this year to create tangible, positive change in the Allen School community! Outside of class, I am a TA for CSE 14X, and I’m also involved with the UW’s Hip Hop Student Association and their dance team, UW Undivided! In my free time I like listening to Kpop and watching reality TV. Feel free to reach out to me!

Picture of Joey Schafer
Joey Schafer, Director of Community Engagement

Hello! My name is Joey, I use he/him pronouns, I’m a senior in CS with a minor in Ethics, and I’m incredibly excited to be returning to SAC as an at-large member after previously serving as the SAC Director of Social Responsibility! I’m super passionate about making sure technology impacts our society in positive and just ways, and in improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Allen School, the tech industry, and society as a whole. I’m a current TA for INFO/BIOL 270, Data Reasoning in a Digital World, a former TA for the Direct Admit Seminar and CSE 351. I'm also a current research assistant at the Center for an Informed Public, studying how misinformation and disinformation spread online and how that impacts our world. Outside of CSE, I love playing Spikeball and the Nintendo Switch, spending time with family and friends, hanging out with my dog Buddy, trivia, and enjoying time outdoors. I’m also a member of the UW Steelband! If you want to talk about computer science’s role in society, TAing, research, or really anything else, feel free to reach out!

Picture of Aaron Tou
Aaron Tou, Director of Media

What’s brackalackin everyone, my name’s Aaron (he/him) and I’m currently a junior in CS. I'm currently serving as director of media this year and I’m super hyped to create a greater sense of community within the Allen School, make sure student voices are heard within the department, and also bring more awareness and support for mental health. There’s more to CS than just programming and I want to find ways to bring out those other creative areas into the Allen School as well. In my free time I like to play soccer, learn the guitar, play video games, and just goof around. If you have any questions/ideas, want to talk, or even just queue up in warzone or valorant hit me up at aarontou@uw.edu!

Picture of Sahil Kancherla
Sahil Kancherla, At-Large Representative

Hello! My name is Sahil (he/him) and I am a freshman studying computer science. I’m from Redmond, Washington (so right across the bridge), and have lived in the greater Seattle area my whole life. I’m super excited to be a part of the SAC and hope that I can do my part in giving back to the great community here at the Allen School. I am a strong believer in the idea that we create our own destiny and I hope that I can influence change and do my part in building the sort of community that students around the world dream of joining. Outside of the SAC, I enjoy playing and watching sports like football, cricket, and F1, and also love trying new food and baking. Please feel free to reach out!

Picture of Aria Tang
Aria Tang, At-Large Representative

Hi I'm Aria! I'm a freshman studying CS at the Allen School, and this is my first year on SAC. I've lived in the greater Seattle region my whole life, so I am well accustomed to the lack of sunshine and constant drizzle. Through SAC, I'm excited to work on community initiatives to improve mental health in the Allen school, as well as to increase accessibility to resources for undergrads. Outside of class, I enjoy watching anime, drawing, and trying new restaurants along the Ave. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Picture of Srushti Adesara
Srushti Adesara, At-Large Representative

Hi! My name is Srushti and I’m a current freshman majoring in Computer Science! I’m from California but I’ve been having such an amazing time exploring Seattle and all the experiences it has to offer! I can’t wait to be part of SAC and am looking forward to this next quarter! Some of my hobbies/ interests consist of Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance), hiking, and astronomy. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to chat :)

Picture of Vincent Xiao
Vincent Xiao, At-Large Representative

Hey everyone! My name is Vincent (he/him) and I'm a freshman studying Computer Engineering. I'm incredibly excited to be part of SAC because I think we can make a real impact on some of the issues facing the student community. I think we can improve accessibility to research and TA positions, as well as providing resources for mental health. I'm also serving as the Allen School's representative to the College of Engineering SAC, so I'm looking forward to opportunities to bring the two closer. Outside of class, I really enjoy playing music (keyboard mostly!) and also badminton (before the pandemic). I'm also still involved in competitive debate around Washington, so if you know a team who needs a coach or judge I can help. If you're interested in any of that, or just want to talk, feel free to reach out!