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CSE Student Advisory Council

Share your story
At discussion forums on topics that matter
Lead by students, for students
Planning for Action

Starting with a Story >

The CSESAC hosts discussion forums on a variety of matters: sharing your fall quarter experience, creating space for the deaf community, understanding diversity, and more to come.

With these forums, we hope that students collectively immerse in the voices and stories of the CSE community. A discussion forum introduces a conversational topic that starts here but does not end here!!

Collectively Chat >

The conversation does not end at the discussion forum! Each week, the CSESAC council members meet up at 8am to continue conversing.

At these meetings, they carry on the voices students have shared at discussion forums. To tackle big changes, they start out with small action items students would like to see (ex: one-pagers on research, internships, etc.) and delegate projects to each member.

Additionally, future discussion forums are planned at these weekly meetings.

Speaking Stories >

Topics for discussion forums come from issues that matter to these CSE members on the team and the stories heard from CSE sudents through CSESAC events or communication.

To carry on the voices of students, CSESAC council members reach out and communicate with networks within and beyond UW to share and bring novel ideas. At discussion forums, one may notice speakers varying from industry professionals to UW faculty and students!!

And.. Action!!

Be it discussion forums, sharing chocolates for thoughts, one-pagers (informational insights), or what outcomes are produced, all actions start out small.

Collectively with the CSE community, stories are what builds action. A word, a phrase, or a sentence of what is on your mind, let us know.

Together, we can all take action. Recursion on the collective voice to produce a method for action.

Documentation: What We've Done

An Autumn Account

The Autumn Report documents behind-the-scenes of what the council has done in Autumn 2017, our first quarter of the council!!

Paging in Progress

Council members have been working on various one-pagers on topics students are interested in. Caleb compiled a Computing-Related Clubs one-pager!!

Which Winter Wins?

Our winter wins!! In this report, we discuss action items our council has worked on.

Surging Spring

As spring quarter concludes, our council will document goals reached in the Spring Report. Elections have passed, and new council members will join to represent us CSE students!! We'll all surge strongly into the next year. :)

Dub's Leap

Dub's Growth

Meet Us!!

Kaitlyn Zhou

Chair | Senior | Ottawa, Canada

Hi! I am originally from Ottawa, Canada but now live in Bellevue, Washington. I am a senior and I study computer science and human centered design and engineering. I particularly enjoy topics in human computer interaction and data science. In the past, I have served on the ASUW board of directors as well as curated for TEDxUofW. These experiences have shown me how important diversity and accessibility are to the well being of a society. In my free time, I love listening to podcasts, staying active, visiting new places, and meeting new people.


Geoffrey Wukelic

Vice Chair | Senior | Seattle, WA

I’m a Seattle native with three siblings (two brothers, one sister). I am roughly the 23rd person in my family to attend the University of Washington. I enjoy playing basketball, watching movies, and hearing a good joke. I am a former CSE 142 TA and I study computer engineering. I’ve worked for Boeing, Amazon, and a trivia website called Sporcle. If you see me, feel free to test my knowledge or teach me a fun fact. I’m always eager to learn more and meet new people.


Alison Ng

Director of Diversity Efforts | Junior | Woodinville, WA

I grew up in Woodinville, Washington with two siblings that are both over 10 years older than me. I love dancing, exploring new restaurants, and drinking bubble tea! I’m currently studying computer engineering and am active in different organizations on campus. I’m part of leadership for UW’s Society of Women Engineers as well as DubHacks. I will be interning at Microsoft this upcoming summer. I’ve been an advocate for underrepresented minorities in STEM and I’m thrilled to make an impact in the department through the student advisory council.


Lilian Liang

Director of Student Wellness | Senior | Kenmore, WA

I grew up in Kenmore, Washington and I have a little sister who is also at UW! I love reading, writing, photography, wasting too much time on Instagram, eating dim sum, and cute pups. I was a 14x TA and also have participated in research in the department. Outside of CSE, I was involved with TEDxUofW. I have interned at Google, Apple, and Microsoft in the past and will be interning at the New York Times next summer. I am excited to be a part of this committee and would love to help out in any way I can!


Amanda Chalfant

At-large Representative (Peer Advisor) | Senior | Bellevue, WA

I grew up across the lake from UW over in Bellevue, and I have a younger sister who just started as a UW dawg this year! I love running, yoga, journaling/planning, and learning to cook. I am a Peer Advisor for the Allen School, meaning I help my fellow CSE students navigate coursework, admissions, internships, and everything else that comes along with the program. I’ve completed internships at Microsoft, Google, Apple, and a small company in Redmond. In addition, I am a member of the Greek Community here on campus, where I’ve held leadership roles in my chapter. I’m very passionate about helping students of all backgrounds reach their full potential, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me for anything!


Nicole Riley

At-large Representative (ACM-W liaison) | Senior | Bellevue, WA

I am a computer science major from Bellevue, Washington. I am a post-baccalaureate student in CSE (I already have a degree in neurobiology and psychology from UW so I am happy to talk about brains as well as tech). In the Allen School I am the treasurer of ACM-W, tutoring CSE, serving as a Society of Women Engineers Girls Who Code Lead, and TAing (I have TAed CSE 311 and 14x). Outside of computer science, I love singing in my a cappella group, doing yoga, seeing musicals/movies, and spending time trying new foods with friends. I have interned in the past with DocuSign. I am very excited about getting to know more people in CSE while helping to positively influence the department through the advisory council.


Jeff Da

At-large Representative (ACM liaison) | Sophomore | Portland, OR

Hi! I’m a second year computer science major. I originally lived in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon before coming to the University of Washington last year. At the UW, I am also involved with ACM and Dubhacks.

Outside of computer science, I enjoy playing tennis competitively and playing various instruments (mainly guitar and piano). I also love meeting new people - let’s get coffee sometime!


Mayki Hu

At-large Representative | Sophomore | Seattle, WA

I was a born a Hollywood star in 1998. I left Hollywood, Florida in 2002 with my parents, who are Chinese immigrants, and younger brother. We’ve been living in Seattle ever since.

I am the first and oldest in my family to attend college. Alongside my college journey, I learned from various programs like Girls Who Code, CSF Achievers, Washington State Opportunity Scholarship, UW WiSE, UW STARS, and UW FYP as a FIG Leader for first-years. I love chatting, Kdramas, gaming (LoL, MapleStory, etc.), ranting, teaching, and meeting people. Talk to me about anything -- I love learning, listening, and helping. :)


Caleb Kierum

At-large Representative | Freshman | Puyallup, WA

I am a Computer Engineering major here at UW. I first fell in love with programming and computers when I was introduced to game programming at a young age. Since then I have been branching out into projects in mobile, FPGA, graphics, and game development. Outside of these technical passions I am also a hobbyist piano and cello performer and composer. I spend a lot of time exploring Seattle with the hopes that I will someday know it all well enough to be a well qualified tour guide!


Siyu (Kat) Wang

At-large Representative (Peer Advisor) | Sophomore | Long Beach, CA

I am a second year Computer Science major student in the Allen School. I am a CSE student ambassador, a Resident Advisor, and a soon to be CSE peer advisor! Making meaningful connections and a positive impact on others have always been passions of mine. I really hope that my journey as an international student and my experience with prior internships can help other members of the CSE community.

In addition, Netflix and HBO are necessities for me. I also really enjoy baking and can never finish everything I make by myself, so please be my friend if you like desserts!


Maggie Ryan

Adviser | Bothell, WA

Maggie is an academic adviser in the Allen School. In this role she advises both prospective and current CSE students and helps them navigate UW’s requirements and opportunities. She is also the instructor for the Allen School’s women in computing seminar and serves on the School’s admissions and scholarship committees.

As a non-computer scientist, she brings a unique perspective to the Allen School. Maggie earned her BA in European Studies from UW and her JD from Seattle University. She is particularly passionate about student leadership development and thinks that the current members of the SAC are incredible!

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